As a JC student, the biggest thing on your mind right now is probably preparing for the A Levels. With a combination of H1 and H2 (maybe even H3) subjects, it seems like scoring for your H1 General Paper might be manageable. You tried doing different practices but it’s just not working out. Applying facts and current affairs to justify your arguments, while writing coherently is no easy feat. It’s common to feel lost and confused as to how to improve in GP. In fact, many students in Singapore struggle in GP.

If you resonate with such challenges, the first step you should take is to restore your confidence in the subject. Of course, it’s tough to do it by yourself. That’s where GP tuition comes into place. You might think, “Isn’t GP tuition just another school curriculum?” That’s exactly where you went wrong. With much smaller group sessions or even individual lessons, GP tuition is tailored towards your areas of need, unlike general school lessons. A personalised teaching pedagogy better targets your weaknesses and builds on your strengths, allowing you to make great progress in a short span of time. So, if you are looking for a way to ace your GP paper, getting GP tuition is bound to bring about tangible results.

The Best GP Tuition in Singapore

EDvolution Learning Studio stands out as one of the best GP tuition centres in Singapore. EDvolution nurtures students with the strong belief that every student can master GP by leveraging their English writing skills to put forth convincing arguments. We have dedicated GP tutors who are experienced in helping students gain deeper understanding to engender a greater interest in the subject. We pride ourselves on our highly customised and personalised teaching, which is crucial in understanding each student’s performance and subsequently, implementing effective teaching methods. It is of our utmost interest that our students progress to become confident in GP and conscious towards current affairs. Countless students have gotten stellar results in GP under our guidance. Through our warm and supportive tuition programmes, you will be exposed to rigorous and intensive learning strategies, preparing you well to conquer the GP paper. 

Why Choose EDvolution?

At EDvolution, instead of conventional large tuition sizes, our classes are small to allow for 1-to-1 consultations with students. Such a mode of teaching provides us with the platform to understand our students’ needs and give individualised learning. Our lessons challenge students to tackle complex social affairs and prepare them for every component in GP. We encourage students to deliberate about social issues from various perspectives, which deepen their knowledge and train them to be multifaceted thinkers. Teaching using unconventional and energised ways, we guide you in making strategic and exam-smart adjustments. 

Being one of the best GP tuitions, we are also known to have the best GP tutor in Singapore. Mr Jonathan Liew, a former teacher from Victoria Junior College, has over 12 years in teaching and is more than proficient in teaching GP. Besides being awarded the Ministry of Education Teaching Award and achieving Distinction in NIE’s teaching practice, Mr Liew’s successful teaching methods have been proven by the vast improvements attained by his students. He has used a dynamic approach to make thinking and writing achievable, incorporating elements such as brainstorming methods and writing structures. So, if you are looking for established GP tuition, there is no better option than EDvolution. 

GP Exam Tips 101

Let’s be honest. Cramming your notes and doing last minute revision is not going to make your GP grades amazing. In order to do well, you need to feed your focus into the subject over a sustained period of time. If you have settled your mind on studying right and smart, here are some tips to help you along:

  1. Start revision early

    Of course, the very first thing you should do for an ideal revision is to start early. Only when you’ve set aside sufficient time for you to do a substantial amount of practice, then can you make significant progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day, likewise, your results won’t become amazing with little work.

  2. Write and review your work consistently

    After allocating time to practise, you should make full use of it. Plan a schedule to write consistently and always review your past work before attempting new ones. Afterall, we learn from our mistakes and practice makes perfect.

  3. Target your weaknesses

    We strive to study smart and that means utilising the correct strategies. In order to pull up your grades, you need to tackle your weaknesses. Therefore, you need to first identify areas where you are lacking in and find the most effective way to work on them.

  4. Keep up with current affairs

    The crux of GP is to put forth your stance in arguments pertaining to real world issues. Staying updated with current affairs helps you in providing examples as justification. There is no better way to gain content knowledge than making constant efforts in keeping up with news.

  5. Be confident

    You’ve done all the work needed to prepare for your GP paper, and the very last bit of boost you need is confidence in yourself. Don’t panic or feel flustered when you receive your paper for the fear that you might flunk it. Have faith in yourself that all the efforts you’ve previously invested have made you more than ready to handle the paper.

Prepping GP with EDVolution

Knowing the tips to prepare for GP does not translate to being able to execute them well. If you want to make your preparation as effective as possible, at EDvolution, we have the right resources and classes to aid you in it.

If you want to improve your language skills, our A-Level English Grammar Crash Course is the perfect match for you as we tailor to your specific language needs. However, if your weakness in GP is content knowledge, then you should consider joining our General Paper Content Boot Camp that helps you bridge the gap and stretch your potential. From our lessons, you can gain valuable notes that will help you master the key aspects of GP, such as topical content notes that provide you with a macro view of all the key issues at stake. Overall at EDvolution, you can always expect the best preparation for the best results!

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