For the majority of people, the arts are irrelevant to their lives. Do you agree?


Interpretation of keywords


Majority:  Common man in the street, ordinary people → Can refer to those less uneducated in the developing countries


Irrelevant: Useless and has served no purpose; adds no value to their lives.


Arts are irrelevant.


Indeed, among the poor in society and those who do not have adequate access to education, the arts are irrelevant to their lives.


Educational limitations:

This is so because they lack certain fundamental abilities to comprehend and appreciate the arts and connect with the artists emotionally. Appreciation of the arts does require a certain level of literacy and education, which many people do not have, especially if they suffer from a lack of basic necessities in life. This happens to be the case in many developing nations, where many are still stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty.


To decipher the deeper meaning of the artist’s work, one requires a certain basic training and exposure to the works of arts. These are the competencies that the poor and less educated do not have. The portrayal of high-minded and lofty (fluffy, wow) ideas like love, dignity, rage and jealousy reflected in many musicales and theatrical productions


These theatrical productions tend to be:


  • Abstract:

Abstractness of dance → to decipher the dance, we need basic training and educational abilities (Swan Lake)


  • Bizarre:

unconventional, radical points of view and thinking among the artist which common people cannot understand.


  • Shocking:

‘Shock Artist’ Damian Hirst (to shock people into realising something)


Economic limitations :

Appreciation of the arts also requires one to have a certain level of financial ability, in order to be able to afford certain productions and products of the arts. Ticket prices of the well-known musicales in the world such as Broadway productions and Cats productions are very high.


Arts are relevant.


  • Architecture: Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa, Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum. The arts are well-integrated/woven into our everyday lives and contrary to popular beliefs, the arts are not completely removed from our everyday existence.


  • Music: Songs carry messages, as the arts reflect human conditions: Beyonce’s songs contain feminist undertones, reflecting the idea of female empowerment. Amy Winehouse’s songs (Rehab) speak of personal struggles with depression, drug addiction and rehabilitation. John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ depicts a world without war, without troubles.


  • Political Art: Political Artist Ai Wei Wei, his artwork contain political undertones that criticise Chinese Communist Government. Use artworks to express political sentiments.


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