GP tutor

It’s a fact. 


Tackling A-Level General Paper(GP) is like pumping iron in the gym, training hard for your A Division sports competitions and fine-tuning every delicate move for your SYF arts performances . You need to starve your distractions and feed your focus – over a sustained period of time . 

Overnight success in GP tuition is a joke and a lie .

Strategic & exam-smart adjustments to the way you study GP can make a dramatic difference in your A-Level result. 


Only if you start Right Now.

Come train yourself now at EDvolution Learning Studio where your GP tutor’s 12 years of established teaching experience is finely blended with an unconventional & energised approach to
current affairs and argumentative writing.

Where you see weaknesses , we see opportunities for your personal growth .

Change the way you perceive GP tuition and your GP result .  Act now and give yourself a Power Workout at EDvolution Learning Studio like never before !



Mr. Jonathan Liew

Your GP Tutor

Founder. Director

EDvolution Learning Studio 

Warm, supportive & non-judgemental learning environment here in our GP tuition programmes 

Rigorous, Intensive & Strategic execution of teaching & learning strategies in class (Yes, it’s just like a fitness boot camp!)

12 years of established & proven teaching experience in MOE schools (credentials stated on top)
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