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It’s our firm belief that the best GP tuition should teach students more than just General Paper knowledge and exam techniques. If you are in search of a good GP tuition programme in Singapore, you are definitely at the right place! Mr Jonathan Liew, a former MOE tutor from Victoria JC who has more than 12 years of teaching experience in GP and English, will help transform the way you approach the subject.

EDvolution is a popular learning studio well known for its effective GP Tuition in Singapore. Our GP tuition centre also has English boot camps for O-Level and Integrated Programme (IP) students. Class sizes here are much smaller , enabling the GP tutor and students to have personalised one-to-one consultations, which are often the key to our students’ success here.


Mr. Jonathan Liew | Best GP Tutor in Singapore
A-Level General Paper (GP) Tuition: Power Boot Camps & Intensive Crash Courses
Free consultations for J1 PW (Project Work) – Exclusively for enrolled students!
O-Level and IP English Boot Camp
Free consultations for university application essays & interviews
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Can you tell us more how you started EDvolution Learning Studio ?

Let’s face it . Mastering English is never easy . It gets harder when you have to use English persuasively in the context of argumentative writing , where you apply facts and current affairs to support your viewpoints in an entire essay . Whether it is about the European refugee crisis or the war in Ukraine , many A-Level GP ( General Paper ) and O-Level students in Singapore struggle with current affairs and command of English in their argumentative writing . At our GP tuition centre at EDvolution Learning Studio , we have the best GP tutors to help students to restore their confidence in their A Level English writing , and awaken their consciousness towards the real-world issues that define humanity.

EDvolution Learning Studio is an A-Level GP tuition in Singapore, that was founded on the belief every student can master the English language as a weapon to break down the mental barriers in writing , and present their opinions in the most convincing manner.

From powerful brainstorming methods to results-proven writing structures , I use a dynamic mix of elements to make thinking and writing achievable. Each lesson challenges students to confront complex social issues , and prepares them to tackle each component of their English & GP exams, so as to prepare them for their A levels.

What makes your business different ?

Compared to other larger GP tuition centres in Singapore , the smaller class size enables me to always have 1-1 consultations with students , which are the crucial key to improving their results. Highly customised & personalised teaching makes all the difference here , as I understand each student’s strength and weakness very well .

I named my company EDvolution because I am also riding on social media to reach out and relate to my students . From Word of the Day posts to current affairs updates , I make use of Instagram and our upcoming YouTube channel to create a strong presence on social media , communicating learning tips in a multimedia manner with my young student audience .

The production of Vlogs ( video blogs) is currently in the pipeline and I also intend to produce my regular online lessons on a new YouTube channel .

My purpose is to eventually engage the young millennials and awaken their curiosity in English and current affairs .

Why did you choose entrepreneurship and start a business on your own ?

At some points in life , we all have to decide how the rest of your life will pan out for the remaining journey ahead . Starting out on my own is one of those life-changing decisions where I made a choice tell myself that I no longer want to be just a passenger in the backseat ; I want to be in driver’s seat now to chart my next direction.

To me entrepreneurship is more than just earning a potentially higher income, or being free from a nine-to-five job in a glorious manner as what many would think . To me , it is also about living life to the fullest , when I am still young & capable of chasing my dreams. It is about using my talents and skills in a much bigger way to fulfil a deeper meaning in life .

My favourite author Dr. Viktor Frankl in his groundbreaking book “Man’s Search for Meaning “ once said our greatest fulfilment is ultimately dependent on our ability to find and create meaning in life . Our sense of purpose in life defines us , and gives us the drive to go further in life.

In a way , starting this tutoring business of mine on my own gives me a sense of meaning in a whole new way. I get to design my very own creative ideas in helping students to overcome their struggles in English , and understand the complex current affairs in today’s world . This sense of empowerment and the realisation that my efforts have helped many students bring a new meaning to my professional & personal life .

GP Tuition Singapore
“What I love most about Mr Liew is that he is more than a GP teacher. He is an educator, one that teaches not from the books, but from the heart. Mr Liew has taught me a lot more about life than just GP…”
best GP tuition
“I always looked forward to Mr.Liew’s GP lessons, during which he would draw examples from the hottest debates of different issues in various parts of the world and spell out precisely how these examples could be used to illustrate a point. 

Mr. Liew’s GP lessons were never about the black and white of the answer scheme, but the vibrant colours of the world…”


“Mr Liew never once lost hope in me and instead he gave me the confidence to do well in the subject.

Mr Liew is always available for help. Learning from Mr. Liew isn’t only confined to the 2-hour lessons each week. He is always willing to help students despite his busy schedule…”



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