It’s our firm belief that the best GP tuition should teach students more than just General Paper knowledge and exam techniques. If you are in search for a good GP tuition in Singapore, you are definitely in the right place! Mr Jonathan Liew, a former MOE tutor from Victoria JC who has more than 12 years of teaching in GP Tuition will give you whole new level of learning experience for General Papers (GP) lessons!

EDvolution is a popular learning studio well known for offering GP Tuition in Singapore. We also have English boot camps for O-Level and Integrated Programme (IP). Our GP tuition are well Please see below for the available classes and free consultations for enrolled students.


A-Level General Paper (GP) Tuition: Power Boot Camps & Intensive Crash Courses
Free consultations for J1 PW (Project Work) – Exlcusively for enrolled students!
O-Level and IP English Boot Camp

Free consultations for university application essays & interviews
(Law, Medicine, UK/US)- Exclusively for enrolled students!

“What I love most about Mr Liew is that he is more than a GP teacher. He is an educator, one that teaches not from the books, but from the heart. Mr Liew has taught me a lot more about life than just GP…”

“I always looked forward to Mr.Liew’s GP lessons, during which he would draw examples from the hottest debates of different issues in various parts of the world and spell out precisely how these examples could be used to illustrate a point. 

Mr. Liew’s GP lessons were never about the black and white of the answer scheme, but the vibrant colours of the world…”


“Mr Liew never once lost hope in me and instead he gave me the confidence to do well in the subject.

Mr Liew is always available for help. Learning from Mr. Liew isn’t only confined to the 2-hour lessons each week. He is always willing to help students despite his busy schedule…”


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